Dental Crowns from RR Dental Labs – “Precision, Aesthetics & Strength – All in One

Fabrication of a Zirconia crown in a dental laboratory involves various steps as under:

  1. Tooth Preparation: Firstly, the decayed or the damaged portion of the tooth is removed after which the tooth is shaped and trimmed to accommodate the Crown.
  2. Tooth Impression: Next, an impression of this tooth is taken with the help of putty along with the surrounding teeth & gum tissue which is then sent to the dental lab. Else, an Intra Oral Scan is also done and is sent to the lab.
  3. 3D Model: With the help of the impression or the scan, the Lab creates a 3D Model of the tooth on the basis of which the Zirconia Crown is designed using 3D CAD technology.
  4. Fabrication: Once the designing is completed, the Lab fabricates the Crown by milling the crown in the Computerised Milling Machine from the pre-sintered Zirconia block using 3D CAM Technology.
  5. Sintering: Next, the milled Zirconia Crown is the heat treated by sintering process at a high temperature in a Sintering Furnace for a particular period to give its strength.
  6. Finishing: After the fabrication process, the Crown is then given a fine finishing touch to the size, shape and contour of the required tooth. Subsequently, the Crown is then perfectly shaded to match the surrounding teeth to give it a natural look.
  7. Crown Placement: Finally the Zirconia Crown is ready to be placed on to the prepared tooth with help of dental bonding cement.

RR Dental Labs are the market leaders in fabrication & manufacturing of all types Dental Prostheses like Crowns, Bridges, Implants and I-Dent Aligners. Our dedicated & highly experienced R&D team & expert technicians , backed by most advanced 3D CAD-CAM and most modern equipment & machines, ensure of delivering highest quality products of international standards at a swift pace with consistency at a reasonably affordable price.

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