“i-Dent” from RR Dental Labs  – WE “ALIGN” BEAUTIFUL SMILES FOR YOU

There are various factors which give Clear Aligners an edge over the Traditional Braces, which are mentioned below:

S No Criteria Clear Aligners Braces
1 Visibility Very difficult to detect as it is transparent Very obvious due to wires & brackets
2 Aesthetics Highly Aesthetic – gives a natural look As they are very obvious while wearing, so they are not aesthetically pleasant
3 Comfort Very comfortable as they are smooth and light-weighted Loss of comfort due to wires & brackets, which may result in rashes & sores in the mouth
4 Removability Can be easily removed and worn as required They are a permanent fixtures for the length of treatment
5 Oral Hygiene Highly hygienic as they can be removed daily before meals and hot drinks, when they can be washed and also one can brush & floss the teeth, when the aligners can also be washed. As they can’t be removed while having meals and also one can’t wash it or brush and floss the teeth properly, the bacteria remains in the gaps between the teeth and the wires & brackets along with the food particles, it is impossible to maintain proper oral hygiene.
6 Doctor Visits Lesser follow-up visits to Doctor More visits required to the Doctor
7 Food Restrictions No food restriction as they can be removed while eating or drinking hot liquids A range of food are restricted during the entire treatment period
8 Treatment period Ideally 6-18 months Ideally 18-36 months

RR Dental Labs provides one of the best qualities of clear & custom-made, “BPA-FREE” bio-compatible thermo-plastic “i-Dent” Aligners. With the help of our skilled R&D team, highly experienced Orthodontists, professional technicians and a highly advanced 3D CAD/CAM division, we provide clear aligners of international standards at a reasonably affordable price. “i-Dent” is a well-known brand for providing convenient and comfortable aligners to our patrons. 

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