“i-Dent” Aligners are a series of custom made removable transparent plastic trays. “i-Dent” Aligners are discrete, light in weight and give aesthetic appearance when worn over the teeth. “i-Dent” Aligners are extremely popular options under orthodontic treatment. They help correct mild to moderate cases of misaligned or deformed teeth, malocclusions, bite issues etc.

In order to keep “i-Dent” Aligners in good condition following steps have to be followed:

  • “i-Dent” Aligners should be removed while having meals or snacks and while consuming hot / cold drinks
  • “i-Dent” Aligners should be washed & cleaned at least twice daily, with a mild soap / solution. Only clean water at room temperature should be used for cleaning with a soft bristled brush.
  • Avoid using tooth paste totally, as they may be abrasive and may damage the surface of “i-Dent” Aligners. This may cause tiny pores, where bacteria will form resulting in tooth decay & bad breath
  • “i-Dent” Aligners are to be soaked in a denture cleaner or a mild cleaning solution. This will keep away odours and bacterial formation. Wear aligners only after washing and rinsing them in clean water, at normal temperature.
  • “i-Dent” Aligners should be kept safely in their case, when not in use. Don’t expose the aligners to hot atmosphere and air otherwise they may get distorted and warped.
  • Proper oral health should be maintained regularly for best results. Brush and floss the teeth at least twice a day to remove any food particles stuck between the teeth. This will avoid bad breath, cavities or tooth decay. Wear “i-Dent” Aligners only after washing them in clear water and after rinsing the mouth after each meal.

The above steps are to be followed properly to get maximum desired benefits from the “i-Dent” Aligners treatment.

“i-Dent” Aligners from RR Dental Labs, provides one of the best qualities of clear & custom-made, personalized “BPA” free plastic aligners. With the help of our skilled R&D team, professional technicians and a highly advanced 3D CAD/CAM division, we provide clear aligners of international standards at a reasonably affordable price. “i-Dent” is a well-known brand for providing convenient and comfortable aligners to our patrons.

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