The most widely preferred orthodontic treatment for moderate cases of Dental Protrusions are “i-Dent” Aligner treatment. “i-Dent” Aligners are discrete, very light, smooth & easily removable hence very hygienic. These can be easily removed while having meals, brushing or flossing the teeth and also can be washed and cleaned twice a day hence as a result, “i-Dent” Aligners help in keeping the bacteria at bay and helps maintain a healthy oral health.

“i-Dent” Aligner treatment involves a series of custom made plastic trays that are fabricated as per the individual’s teeth profile. “i-Dent” Aligner / trays help move the teeth and jaws gently & gradually into the ideal positions over a period of time.

The severity of the case determines the duration of “i-Dent” Aligner treatment. Generally, treatment can take anywhere between 6-18 months. During the course of “i-Dent” Aligner treatment, the patient will need to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day, removing them only for eating, and brushing / flossing the teeth as well as to clean them.

“i-Dent” Aligners from RR DENTAL LABS provides one of the best qualities of clear & custom-made, personalized “BPA” free plastic aligners. With the help of our skilled R&D team and professional technicians and a highly advanced 3D CAD/CAM division, we provide clear aligners of international standards at a reasonably affordable price. “i-Dent” is a well-known brand for providing convenient and comfortable aligners to our patrons.

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