“F&F” – An Innovative concept from RR Dental Labs

Our Fire & Forget (F&F) technology, an innovative and a revolutionary concept in field of Dentistry, is only for Multiunit Abutments and is an immediate loading technology by a leading dental lab of India – RR Dental Labs, Hyderabad.

Our F&F is compatible with all types of systems like BioLine, Osstem or Nobel Biocare and all other systems with Multiunit.*

The Doctors will have to use their respective parent screws for respective systems, e.g. BioLine screws for BioLine system, Osstem screws for Osstem system, Nobel Biocare screws for Nobel Biocare system and likewise.

The scan bodies which we will send are impressionable as well as sacannable & dual use scan bodies.

The Doctors can also send Intra Oral Scan (IOS) in STL file to us through mail for processing & 3D printing, where they need not send the physical impression or scan bodies.

In the absence of IOS, they need to take the dental impressions of the patient with the commonly available material “Alginate” & after taking the impressions they need to prepare a cast with “Die Stone” and send the same to us for processing.

After receiving the STL file or the impressions, if the jaw relation is perfect, then there is no need of teeth trial / metal trial / bisque trial and the prosthesis will be delivered in one go.

The advantages of our F&F concept (for multi-units only) are as under:

  1. Open Tray                                – Not required for screw retained prostheses
  2. Impression Analogs               – Not required
  3. Implant Analogs                       – Not required (provided from RR Dental Labs)
  4. Jig Trial                                    – No Jig trial required as it will be direct prostheses
  5. Splint Trial                               – Not required
  6. Cost & Time saving                – Reduced Cost & Time with improved quality
  7. Reduced Turnaround Time    – The patient can be treated in just three sittings only

RR Dental Labs are the market leaders in fabrication & manufacturing of all types Dental Prosthesis like Crowns, Bridges, Implants and I-DentAligners. Our dedicated & highlyexperienced R&D team & expert technicians , backed by most advanced 3D CAD-CAM &most modern equipment & machines, ensure of delivering highest quality products of international standards at a swift pace with consistency at a reasonably affordable price.

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