“i-Dent”For an “AESTHETIC SMILE4U”

The following are the advantages of “i-Dent” aligners over braces:

  1. Almost Invisible: “i-Dent” Aligners are fabricated from clear, transparent “BPA FREE” Biocompatible plastic which when worn are almost undetectable, hence they are widely preferred for orthodontic treatment.
  2. Aesthetic Looks: As “i-Dent” Aligner is quite invisible as they are tooth coloured and nicely gel with the tooth colour, they give an aesthetic look to the person wearing them. Whereas the Traditional Braces are uncomfortable as they are clearly visible and may be quite unpleasant to the eyes.
  3. Comfort and safety: “i-Dent” Aligner is very comfortable to wear and is gentler option for the teeth as compared to the Braces. They are fabricated from plastic which are smooth and comfortable to wear and safe for the enamel. “i-Dent” Aligners does not cause irritation or pain in the gums and the inner cheeks unlike Traditional Braces which are made of metal brackets and wires that may cause irritation, rashes, pain, and may also damage the enamel by continuously scratching.
  4. Oral Health: “i-Dent” Aligner is removable very easily while eating, brushing and flossing and also can be washed frequently. This makes it easier to maintain good oral hygiene. Whereas Traditional Braces can’t be removed during the treatment period thus posing difficulties in maintaining good oral health.
  5. Food: One can eat a variety of food while undergoing “i-Dent” Aligner Treatment as they are removed while eating. Whereas in the case of Traditional Braces, one faces a lot of food restrictions, in particular the sticky foods, in order to maintain dental hygiene and avoid bad breath, gum disease etc.
  6. Adjustments: “i-Dent” Aligner does not require any adjustments once worn. Each aligner is replaced by another aligner after every 15 days as there are a set of aligners in the treatment plan. Whereas, in the case of Traditional Braces require regular adjustments have to be made to the wires and brackets to keep the teeth moving in the desired direction.
  7. Treatment Period: Treatment time taken for “i-Dent” Aligner is much less, 6-18 months as compared to the Traditional Braces which invariably take 18-36 months.
  8. Predictability & Efficiency: In the case of “i-Dent” Aligner even before commencement of the treatment, an orthodontist, with the help of modern digital 3D CAD-CAM software system, can demonstrate to the patient, the final results of the treatment. This ensures that the patient gets enough clarity regarding the treatment process in advance.

“i-Dent” Aligner from “RR DENTAL LABS” provides one of the best qualities of clear & custom made “BPA FREE” Aligners & Retainers. Our highly dedicated as well as experienced R&D team and highly expert Technicians, design and fabricate precision Aligners & Retainers on advanced EXOCAD software system and modern machines & equipment. “RR DENTAL LABS” has been consistently delivering highest quality of “i-Dent” Aligner, of international standards at an affordable price and is committed to continue the practice in the future also.

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