Cement-retained Dental Bridge is a dental restoration also known as “Traditional” or Conventional” Bridge. Bridge is used to restore one or more missing teeth. It consists of one or more artificial teeth or “Pontic” which is placed in the gap between the natural teeth. This pontic is supported by crowns on both the sides which are placed & bonded by “Dental Cement” over the natural teeth, acting as a “Bridge” by giving a strong & stable support to the pontic.

A Dental Bridge is fabricated from material like Zirconia, Ceramic or Porcelain which are biocompatible and durable. It can be colour shaded to match the surrounding teeth to give a natural look as well as pleasing aesthetics to the restoration. A Bridge is a solution which is long-lasting, comfortable and carries enough strength to withstand occlusal forces.

At RR Dental Labs, the customised BRIDGES are fabricated with high precision with the best quality of biocompatible material available, in our State Of The Art laboratory on the latest 3D CAD-CAM system. Our team ensures accurate fitting of the Bridge that is long lasting, comfortable & aesthetically pleasing.

RR Dental Labs are the market leaders in fabrication & manufacturing of all types Dental Prostheses like Crowns, Bridges, Implants and I-Dent Aligners. Our dedicated & highly experienced R&D team & expert technicians, backed by most advanced 3D CAD-CAM and most modern equipment & machines, ensure of delivering highest quality products of international standards at a swift pace with consistency at a reasonably affordable price.

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