Dental Bridges from RR Dental Labs – “Restoring SMILES for over twenty years”

A cantilever bridge is a type of dental bridge that is used to replace a missing tooth by attaching a pontic (a false tooth) to the adjacent natural tooth. The pontic, which is cemented onto the tooth, is supported by a dental crown on the natural tooth, which acts as an anchor.
The cantilever bridge unlike a traditional dental bridge requires support from one side only rather than both sides. This makes it a suitable option when there is only one adjacent tooth available for support. However, cantilever bridges are generally not recommended for posterior teeth where heavy chewing & biting happens as they may put too much pressure on the supporting tooth and may cause damage.
Regular brushing and flossing are vital for maintaining good oral health and preventing gum disease and decay that could endanger the tooth that is being supported. Cantilever bridges may be more challenging to keep clean than other dental restorations, which may increase the risk of decay and gum disease.

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