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Metal Laser Sintering

RR dental lab is equipped with the most leading meta laser sintering machine. EOS was imported from Germany in 2016. With DMLS technology, all the casting discrepancies will be avoided and high quality precise restorations, with incredibly thin margins with perfect fit is made.

The CAD process detects and eliminates undercut upto 0.2mm. It has extremely high accuracy and capability to produce high numberof restorations in a short time.

At RR dental lab, we can easily fabricate long-span bridges using DMLS technology with high precision. We also fabricate full anatomic crowns and bridges using this technology.

Framework for removable prosthesis, screw retained implant prosthesis can be fabricated with high accuracy using DMLS.

Benefit of MLS

  • MLS crowns and bridges are made of a particle size of 3–14 μm. This combined with very fine point laser (0.1 mm) results in a density of 99.9 %, resulting in stronger copings.
  • The densely sintered crowns have practically no voids.
  • The process results in highly accurate, well detailed restorations.
  • Coping thickness, pontic design and cement thickness can all be standardized with this method.
  • Laser sintering is a computer-controlled, precise process that ensures consistent work quality.